3 Easy Tips on Handling Your New Home

October 20, 2017

1. Seamless styling


Paint, then place

We have planned out the thought process for you before you need it – want the colour that best complements your upholstery, art pieces, and rugs? Pick your paint colour, paint your home, and then settle and position your furniture. After all, we would not want the paint to get on our furniture too!


Gubi settings - blue hues on the left, beige hues on the right Left: F.A. 33 Mirror, Beetle Dining Chair, Semi Pendant Lamp (gold), Table 2.0 by GUBI
Right: Y! Table, 5 Chairs, Semi Pendant Lamp (black) by GUBI


Your table gets lit
Are you unsure about which lamp to get for the dining area? Here’s a tip: Make your table the brightest spot in your space. It augments the excitement which comes with reunion dinners and casual meet-ups, inviting your guests and family to gather ‘round and delight in each other’s company.


Acorn pendant lamp fits into interiors regardless of their themes

Use the Acorn for the dining table or hang it above the coffee table for cozy ambience lighting.


Colourful Dokka pendants above a sideboard

Mix and match your pendant lights (like Northern Lighting‘s Dokka Pendant here) to inject interest and colour over your dining table!


The spotlight is inviting
Is light intruding your space? Use indirect lighting to generate a subtle, yet practical glow. If you are looking into pendants, make sure it hangs at the right height – too low, and you would get several mishaps of bumping one’s head, and worse; you restrict views across the table, from loved one to loved one. Too high, and the light source would be visible – you run the risk of exacerbating glare.





Snowball lamps in neutral settings

Quick Tip: To create a soothing atmosphere, use lights that create mellow pools in different areas of the room. In this instance, we use Northern Lighting’s Snowball floor lamps casting a soft glow in different corners of the living room.


Montana modular TV console in different living rooms

Montana’s Modular TV console
Quick Tip: Remember that the television is a light source itself. To avoid eye strain and glare, ensure that there isn’t too great a contrast between the TV and the rest of the room.



2. Making maintenance easy for you


Same old can be made new in seconds!
Instead of covered cushions and fixed upholstery, opt for removable covers on your upholstered furniture. Not only is it a practical way to change the looks of your space, it also fuels constant change; a new cover might revitalise the same old sofas. Visit our showroom today to discover our range of sofas with removable covers!






3. Space-saving in small island Singapore


Can tables be flexible too?
As much as most designer furniture tend to be over-sized and gaudy to make a statement, we at Danish Design believe that you can never too small to be seen. If you have trouble getting one table, which fits your family of four on most days, and your extended family (of relatives you’ve never met before) on rare, important occasions, our solution is Extendable Tables.


string system tables

String system against dark grey backdrop

Pull-out or fold-down tables, just like the String system‘s, mean that you do not need to sacrifice too much floor space.


GM 7700 table in nature settings

Also a good space-saver: Extendable dining tables. Look how exquisite Naver Collection’s GM 7700 table looks in both settings!


Looks good to you? Visit our showroom to view our collection of furniture.

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