A Tour of Kaja Møller’s Scandinavian Home

A Tour of Kaja Møller’s Scandinavian Home

December 14, 2018

(Header: Swoon Lounge Chair & Spanish Lounge Chair )


Do you remember Kaja Møller? You’re right, Kaja is the CEO of our beloved brand Fredericia! In this edition of Furniture blog, we’ll walk you through his abode. Situated next to the seashore, the Copenhagen home, featuring unpretentious architecture, achieves sophisticated décor with simple hacks envisaged by the master furniture craftsman himself. 


With a monochrome palette of grey, taupe and white, the interior lighting is unlike any other interior you’ll see. Furniture artifacts from Danish designers complement the interior in exciting ways. Besides Fredericia designs, the home also features furniture by Borge Mogensen and Verzelloni, among others.


A Tour of Kaja Møller’s Scandinavian Home

(Picture One: Swoon Lounge Chair  & Piloti Coffee Table | Picture Two: Stingray Lounge Chair | Picture Three: Gallery Stool)


To enjoy the magnificent view outdoors, while also having a conversation, the living room sits an eclectic collection of lounge sofa, chairs and coffee table. Since the house has unusual surfaces, paintings adorn the walls, and side tables and chairs occupy the uncharacteristic spaces. Cabinets along the sides of walls add character to the home, and though some of the cabinets are from another era, you could achieve a similar feat with regular desks and shelves.


For those of us who live in Singapore, a fireplace is from the storybooks, but we’re always curious about the aura surrounding one. In Kaja’s thoughtful design, the inglenook warms up the dining spot for a hearty meal with family and friends. It’s a tradition in Denmark and many cultures around the world to share epic tales over a banquet around the fireside.


(Picture One: Spine Barstool | All Pictures: Trinidad Dining Chair


Featuring a wooden-top dining table, the seating arrangement is equally intriguing with chairs from the Caribbean, featuring designs that braid the light and shadows from sundown. Lamps dangle from the ceiling to provide lighting for special occasions. The far side of the dining area blends with the open-air that extends into a green canopy, and on most days, you’ll enjoy warbling with the birdies. Adjacent to the dining space is a kitchen featuring a marble-top island table, the perfect venue for dedicating the weekend to a loved one, preparing a meal together. Sit on the stool and slice the avocados, tomatoes and onions, while your partner keeps an eye on the proceedings of the hot pot.   


Our favorite space is the patio, featuring metal furnishings. Fancy a chat over coffee or an ad hoc candle-lit dinner? This bay has rustic looks, and yet it’s incredibly charming to create a lasting reminiscence effortlessly.


So, do you feel inspired by the minimalistic Scandinavian décor? Please let us know what you think!

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