A Tribute to the House of Finn Juhl

A Tribute to the House of Finn Juhl — A Look at the Dehn’s Mansion Interior Décor

December 7, 2018

Dehn’s Mansion

A Tribute to the House of Finn Juhl

Dehn’s Mansion resides in the inner city of Copenhagen, evoking sentiments from another era, and experts hail the historic building as the soul of the city. The interior features a dark color scheme and natural materials, which are unique architectural characteristics of Finn Juhl’s exclusive designs. Considered a classic Copenhagen structure, the Dehn’s Mansion is deemed worthy of preservation.   


Interior Décor  

Onecollection, a curated furniture collection from House of Finn Juhl, decorates many of the rooms in the mansion. The set complements the rooms of the historic property.  Regarding the furnishing of Dehn’s Mansion, the founder of the collection, Hans Henrik Sørensen says, “To Finn Juhl, it was crucial to make all elements of an interior interact and complement each other, thus creating a uniform expression.” 


A Tribute to the House of Finn Juhl (Featured: Pelican Lounge Chair & TS Coffee Table by Gubi)


Standard materials are a characteristic feat of the interior decor, while curtains, rugs and upholstered furniture enhance the acoustic quality. Step into the building, and you’ll feel the warm and welcoming mood, which is how the building earned recognition as the soul of the city.   


Each room has a specific purpose, which is illuminated by the special lighting. Glass walls within carefully selected spots not only help define, but also separate the meeting and conversational rooms. Japanese expression, paper-like, and shielding fabrics of a poetic are only a handful of features of Finn Juhl’s impeccable designs in the mansion.  


A Tribute to the House of Finn Juhl

(Featuring the Reading Chair)


Møller and Rothe created the lighting design, which provides unique decor to the structure. Shadows and dark corners, which are avoided in conventional architecture, provide contrasting elements to the design. The lighting effect helps highlight the details of each room and work zone, which have different purposes and environments. Dampened lighting is another innovative feature of the casual areas, where work is accomplished.  


A Tribute to the House of Finn Juhl


The original expression in every room is part of the conservation and recreation effort. On the other hand, a modern workspace is also part of the philosophy. Mette Gravergaard, a manager at the Spaceplanning & Interior Design at Årstiderne Arkitekter, argues opting to highlight quirks and crookedness of the mansion instead of hiding them is a bold approach. The conscious choice is achieved by materials and colors, which contribute to the philosophy, making the additions an active aspect of the design. The work of Årstiderne Architects helps portray the original characteristics of the old building, while also keeping it relevant for a modern context.

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