Tree table by dk3

3 tips on how to bring nature home

September 7, 2017

Keeping pace with the Singaporean way of living often invites unwanted stress and hassle. Create an atmosphere of natural serenity today and chase your worries away. How? It all boils down to colour, light, and style.


Colour: Connect your home to nature with down-to-earth tones


Sometimes, making a garden in your own home is all about being picky with colours and colour schemes. We, at Danish Design Co recommend colours of nature such as grey, white, ivory, or shades of beige, which gives your space softness. These colours induce neutrality and bring peace to homeowners, important for Singaporeans with busy schedules and are looking to their abode as a respite from the bustle of city life. To ensure visual continuity between furniture, we suggest sticking to colours with the same hues. Unity between the elements in your home is essential to calm those frazzled nerves!


Double-deckered white C1 table by Andersen Furniture, against a white backdrop

C1 Coffee table by Andersen Furniture


White cushy Savannah Sofa by Erik Jorgensen, with beige base and a matching coffee table, against a white backdrop

Savannah sofa by Erik Jorgensen


White S6 sideboard with beige base, decorated with silver lamp, wooden birds, a plant with a vase

S6 sideboard by Andersen furniture


Green-themed montana modular storage system, botanique hall put together by Montana

Modular Storage system, Botanique themed hall by Montana


Light: Dawn to dusk, in your home too.


Desire light without all its glaring glory? Play with soft and natural light. Instead of outright fluorescent lamps, opt for the types of lights which calm nerves. Perhaps wall lamps and standing lamps could be more useful. Candles too! Anything works, as long as you’re not projecting strong, direct light, and instead, choosing implicit, indirect light. Need lights near your bed? Choose flexible wall-mounted reading lamps.


Northern Lighting's Butterfly wall lamp against 2 backdrops - a darkened one, and a white one lit up by natural light

Butterfly wall lamp by Northern lighting


Diva Wall lamp by Northern Lighting, one standing, one hung

Diva lamp by Northern lighting


Snowball lamps against white, neutral backdrops, illuminating the scene without changing the tranquility of it

Snowball by Northern lighting


Style: Organic shapes, and furniture inspired by nature.


Explore earth’s natural wonders without leaving the comfort of your own home. These nature-inspired, organically shaped pieces of furniture creatively capture the beauty of God’s creations.


Moo wall lamp against light brown organic-textured wall, heightening the nature of the scene

Moo wall lamp by Northern Lighting

(We heard that antlers can add a little rustic appeal to cottage-style homes!)


On the left: Green, tropical-themed Gubi Beetle lounge chair, upholstered, gives you stylish comfort. On the right: Mategot Demon black metal rack stringer against green wall

Beetle Lounge chair, Mategot Demon Black Metal Rack Stringer by GUBI


Brown egg chair by Fritz Hansen against a grey backdrop

Egg Chair by Fritz Hansen


Green, curvaceous toward sofa by Erik Jorgensen against white backdrop, with floor lamp, a potted plant

Toward sofa by Erik Jorgensen


 Green, lush, widely-spaced Cocoon sofa by Eilersen filled with cushions

  Cocoon sofa by Eilersen


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