How to shop for living room furniture

How to Shop For Living Room Furniture

December 1, 2018

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This week, we’re responding to a challenge posed by one of our patrons on social media. The living room is our favorite place for creating memories—watching a toddler grow is something we all care so much about, rehearsing the maid of honor speech for your best friend’s wedding requires a lot of space, without the setting, how would you host spectacular parties for family and friends, or taking time off for quiet reflection to deal with the occasional setback, are only a sample of the drama that unfolds in the living room. So, we rephrase the question as how do you create the perfect stage for life’s best moments?


Based on our many years of experience, we’ve put together the perfect algorithm, a five-step process, for you to create a living room that will knock your socks off!


Step I – Plan the Space

How to shop for living room furniture


Begin by planning for the space. Most of us Singaporeans live in high-rise buildings, and the view from the top is so good, we’ve become creative geniuses. A fundamental element of interior design, space planning involves an in-depth analysis of space utilization. A designer-drafted plan defines the zones and the activities within those zones. We’ve seen patrons build incredible homes in the sky just by being creative. So, think about the area and consider the possibilities for the phase you may be in your life.


Step II – Choose a Theme

How to shop for living room furniture
A Mid Century Living Room featuring the 45 Lounge Chair and 57 Sofa

Themes inspire the settings. Industrial, luxe, minimalist and mid century (modern) are popular themes. We encourage you to dream up something you care about. Say, you like adventure, your living room could draw inspiration from the beauty of nature or the ruggedness of the mountains. If you’re a modernist and care about business and innovation, opt for a classy theme, and so on. 


Step III – Select Designer Furniture 

How to shop for living room furniture

A modern living room featuring the Stingray Rocker, No.1 Sofa and Piloti Coffee Table


Consider furniture as the props for the stage. Lounge chairs, coffee tables and sofa sets craft the exposition of your living room story. Choose furniture that complements the space and theme that means so much to you. The sizing of each furniture item should complement each other. In interior decor, it’s considered a sin for a coffee table to be taller than the seating height of a sofa, and it must never exceed two-thirds of a sofa’s width. If you’re a poet or writer, select furniture that evokes a sense of creativity, so you can weave that epic saga right in your living room, or if you fancy the innovation theme, choose chic furniture.


Step IV – Select Superior Materials 

How to shop for living room furniture


As you continue to build up the living room, we highly recommend keeping a sharp eye for high-quality materials including stain-resistant fabrics, especially if you’re a young family. Kids engage in mischief, guests like to be mollycoddled, and sometimes unfortunate events are unavoidable. A little foresight could help you prepare well for the quirkiness of life.

Step IV – Jazz Up Odd Spaces
How to shop for living room furnitureFeaturing the Floow Sideboard   


Furnishings enhance the stage you’ve set. If there are odd or unfilled spaces, consider adding furnishings to match the theme and décor. Chests, extra tables, flat-top ottomans, seating arrangements, and sideboards are some readily-available furniture items. Jazz up the masterpiece with finishing touches.


So, what do you say? Would you like to upgrade your living room with this new formula?

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