The Dux Formula for Luxury

October 13, 2017

Did you know that Dux is actually a Latin word connoting leadership? It is not surprising then, that Duxiana commands much respect, as one of the greatest makers of luxury beds. We at Danish Design present to you – all you need to know about Duxiana‘s origins, how it grew, and what it is today.



The Story of DUX, a family business.



black and white picture of Efraim Ljung


The beginning
Swedish Chocolate maker, Efraim Ljung, is on a business trip to The New World, and has arrived in Chicago and spends a night there.




















functionality of the duxiana bed

The awakening
After a night of unbelievably soothing rest, he wondered, “How could a bed be that comfortable?” Mesmerised, he cut into the mattress, discovering flexible steel springs. He meticulously stitched the

fabric together again but carried this idea back to


















black and white picture of factory



Ljung’s flexible bed and restful sleep were simply

unforgettable. He started focusing less on his

confectionery business & started experimenting with steel springs of varying strength and elasticity.










the duxiana bed curves your way


The First Duxiana

His efforts ultimately resulted in the first DUX bed – with a sensitive and unique spring technology that reacts to pressure and weight.




















hotel in sunshine by the ocean


Developing Duxiana

Opening of the first DUX showroom and offices in New York, USA.













dux logo in black and white


Developing Duxiana

DUX introduced the DUXIANA marketing concept in Europe, Great Britain, and the United States.













the dux xclusive in a setting of brown and whiteTODAY

The Duxiana Concept

DUX is represented in 22 countries and stands as a global, eminent symbol of quality, innovation, and craftsmanship – just as Efraim Ljung envisioned from the beginning. DUX beds are now available in more than 88 locations worldwide, including Singapore.










Intrigued? Stay tuned to this space, as we bring you more updates on Duxiana‘s luxury beds. Click here to learn more about your health is indeed affected by the bed you snooze on. Better yet, come on over to our showroom to experience Duxiana for yourself.


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