what does a 2-seater sofa mean

What does a 2-seater sofa exactly mean?

November 24, 2018

Featuring the Lift Sofa from the Iconic Collection


If you enjoy reminiscing with the family photo album, you probably noticed that only grandpa and nana got to sit, while the rest huddled around for the family picture. Closer inspection reveals that sofas were non-existent at the time. Fast-forward a hundred years; sofa sets have not only become the main furniture artifact in a living room, but also the designs are customizable with many different configurations. Our patrons are great purveyors of decor innovations and often stop by just to check on new models. To our sheer delight, the ‘x-seater’ lingo has caught on, though many of our patrons don’t know what the term really means. We’re happy to provide more clarity on some of the designer sofa configurations available in our showroom.


2-Seater Sofa (Picture Above)

A 2-seater sofa ranges between 1.5m and 1.8m. If, by genetics, your family members have larger body frames, a 1.8m 2-seater is your ideal choice. So, the next time you’re in our showroom, feel free to try the different versions of the same 2-seater designer sofa.


3-Seater Sofa

what does a 3-seater sofa mean

Featuring the Cosy Sofa from New Modern Collection


If you want something that can accommodate more people, consider the 3-seater, which ranges from 1.9m to 2.4m. Still confused? A rule of thumb among furniture designers is to allow 0.7m for each person, so to seat three guests you need a 2.1m sofa set.


4-Seater Sofa

what does a 4 seater sofa mean

Featuring the Delphi Sofa from the Iconic Collection


A 4-seater is any sofa longer than 2.6m. While choosing a 4-seater, consider all your wants and needs including the family body frames, interior décor, seating accommodation, and space. Think about all the places you’ve been to where the seating comfortably accommodates any team.


L-Shaped Sofa

what does a l shaped sofa mean

Featuring the Hannah Sofa from New Modern Collection


L-Shaped sofas are ideal for large spaces with corners. See how the Chaise and Corner sofas seamlessly blend with the space and décor. Besides opening up the awkward area, the L-Shaped sofa could also double up as a resting place for a serendipitous sleepover.


Modular Sofa

what does a modular sofa mean

Featuring the Cosima Sofa from New Modern Collection


Modular sofas allow for quick configurations. Say, you’re having a serious conversation with your partner, you could turn the sofa for a face-to-face chat. If you live in irregular spaces, the modular sofa can intuitively help you rise to any occasion—celebration, group work, and so much more.

Open-End Sofawhat does an open end sofa mean

Featuring the Fatty Sofa from the Iconic Collection


A furniture innovation, the Open-Ends design allows for creative use of the seating arrangement. Just by detaching the ends, the sofa is ready for promoting varied postures. If you’ve been to the art galleries, you may recall portraits of monarchs, who convene sessions through the day in wide-ranging positions.


Do you fancy an 2-seater sofa for your home? We’d love to help you choose the perfect-seater for all your wants and needs.

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