What does a two seater sofa exactly mean?


So what are the dimensions of a two seater sofa? The short answer is a sofa that measures anywhere between 1.5m and 1.8m. The long answer is this – it depends. How long a 2 seater sofa should be will vary from family to family and from individual to individual. For example, a 1.6m “2 seater” sofa would be appropriate for a family of people with small frames. This very same “2 seater” sofa will not be ideal for a family with individuals of larger frames.


Our Luxurious Two Seater Sofas


Some of the world’s best Scandinavian sofas are exclusively available as 2 seaters and they can be found right here. At Danish Design Co, the two seater sofas we retail have been granted modern, timeless designs that demand a second look. Made from pure linens and natural cottons from the finest mills, to premium leathers that develop and mature with age, these 2 seater sofas will sit perfectly in any room, theme and design.


Based in Singapore, Danish Design Co is a ‘brand of brands’ and is committed to assisting you in your search for the ideal two seater sofa.


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