Acme Chair

Acme is a bold and schematic design of a multi-purpose shell chair. Composed of a perfect square and circle, Acme offers a cleancut expression fused with careful detailing, offering a comfortable sitting experience. Unique leg designs harmonizing with the shells make each model an original. The consequent design gives a vibrant nudge to any interior.


Acme A-base

W 50.5 cm x D 50 cm x H 80 cm

Seating Height: Ranges from 46 – 47.5 cm

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geckeler michels

Geckeler Michels


Geckeler Michels is a Berlin-based design duo formed by German David Geckeler and Luxembourger Frank Michels. The duo works in the field of furniture, tableware, lightning and accessories design.


Geckeler Michels’ style matrix combines German design roots with undogmatic and eclectic positions infused by the many aesthetic discourses of present time.


Their aesthetic language is marked by neo-modernist purity, however, their final design decisions are fundamentally intuitive. Avoiding any vintage connotations, Geckeler Michels create everyday life objects with long lasting quality and appeal.

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