Acorn Pendant Lamp

Although lighting and tableware may seem like an unlikely combination, putting the two together takes both in exciting new directions. A cake stand’s glass dome creates a natural lampshade, and lifts easily to provide access for a light bulb. The base provides the perfect site for a bulb holder, and skilfully conceals the cord within its stem. The spectacular table lamp that results makes a witty commentary on multi-functional design, and finds a fresh role for a traditional form.


The lamp was created as part of an initiative to elevate the standard of goods produced by men and women detained in Norwegian correctional facilities. Although Bake Me a Cake is an obvious fit for cafes, restaurants and bars, the lamp is equally at home in any environment where cutting-edge design is enjoyed. Innovative, eye-catching and delicious to look at, Bake Me a Cake is a groundbreaking table lamp that lighting connoisseurs will want to sink their teeth into.

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Atle Tveit

Atle Tveit


Atle Tveit (born 1972) is a Norwegian furniture designer. After graduating from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (2006) with a master’s degree, he started his own design office with a former classmate. This collaboration lasted for 4 years and resulted in many products for various Scandinavian furniture manufacturers and several awards, among them the Award for Design Excellence and the Young Talent Award from The Norwegian Design Council. Today the Atle Tveit Design studio is located in Oslo, Norway.

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