AK 2010 Turning Boxes

The chest of drawer tower Turning Boxes consists of 10 boxes with drawers which each can turn 360 degrees. The idea behind the design was to create a sculptural and decorative piece of furniture that can be changed to fit the surroundings and invites to a playful approach to the home decor. It allows you to create a unique and functional piece of furniture that fits exactly to one’s individual needs. The combination of American, dark walnut and Danish, light maple accentuates the structures beautifully and gives Turning Boxes an exclusive expression.

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hans sandgren jakobsen

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen


Sandgren Jakobsen’s design breakthrough happened in 1998 with his masterpiece, the highly awarded Gallery stool, developed in collaboration with Fredericia. By pushing the properties of molded plywood to the maximum limit, a sculptural and functional construction emerged.


Hans Sandgren Jakobsen was a trained cabinet-maker before he entered the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – the School of Design, where he graduated in 1990. After spending a year in Japan, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen worked in Nanna Ditzel’s drawing office from 1990-1997, where he learned an approach of material curiosity limit seeking.


His 1998 Gallery Stool skyrocketed his career and already by the year 2000 – ten years after graduating- he received the Danish Furniture Prize. Today Sandgren Jakobsen works with design companies in Denmark and Japan.


With his love of brightness and simplicity, Sandgren Jakobsen firmly belongs to the Danish Scandinavian design tradition. However, like many other Danish furniture designers, Sandgren Jakobsen is also fascinated by the American Shakers and their furniture:


“Their work ethic is to make things as well as possible irrespective of budgetary constraints. I would like to be able to say that once: that I always did the best I could.”


Sandgren Jakobsen is the recipient of the 2009 Finn Juhl Architectural Prize , The2000 Furniture Prize , and the 1998 Three-Year Working Grant from the Danish Arts Foundation, along with several other grants and awards. For the Gallery stool, he received several international design awards, most notably the 2000 Good Design Award in Japan, The 1998 Forsnäs Prize, Sweden, and the 1998 Architectural Review Award for Product Excellence at Spectrum, UK.

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