Bender Floor Lamp

Bender is a large, floor-decor lamp that also works well as a reading lamp. The organic shape of the lamp starts at the floor with the textile wire running from the wall socket towards the lamp base. From there, the base bends and curves its way up from the floor, all the way up to the lampshade. The oversized shade element gives the lamp its recognizable personality and creates a large and focused spotlight. Bender has a matt oil painting finish that gives the aluminium and steel surfaces a warm touch and sophisticated look. The lampshade is fully adjustable in all directions, making it well suited for a comfortable and illuminated reading experience.


Bender is inspired by the often overlooked, but indispensable, workhorse of plumbing: the humble pipe. Bender grew out of a desire to utilize one of the simplest elements of production, while still creating a lamp with personality and a sense of humour.

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Morten Kildahl

Morten Kildahl


Morten Kildahl (born 1977) is a young Norwegian industrial designer. After graduating from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 2003, he started up the design agency Fido Industrial Design together with two fellow classmates. Fido has developed products for a number of large Norwegian companies and has received several national and international awards.


His products include the children’s toothbrush series “Step by step” for Jordan. Always seeking new challenges, Morten has now branched out into yet another field of design and is currently employed as a designer for the Alfa shoe company.


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