Big Mama Floor Lamp

Big Mama is a large floor lamp made of paper and wood; basic and eco-friendly Nordic materials, used for the shade and the body respectively.


Big Mama represents more than simple illumination of space. Big Mama does light up a room, but at the same time it gives the space character and personality. Its shape tells us intuitively more about its function. Simple, direct… with its iconic and super classical shape, there is no doubt that this is a lamp. At the same time the strong, dominant and sculptural character of the object resembles that of an item which does not need to possess a mere function in order to justify its existence!


Big Mama lights up a space with a strong and clear, yet warm and mood–creating light.

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Estela + Nereo


Estela+Nereo Associates is a young studio based in Barcelona, established by Ferran Estela and Nereo Delgado. Ferran Estela (born 1964) graduated from Elisava Design school in Barcelona as industrial designer and has a Masters degree from the Domus Academy in Milan. Since 1992 he has been working for a large number of leading companies, including Santa & Cole, Metalarte and Perobell.


Nereo Delgado (born 1978) started his “Gestaltung und Design” design studies in Germany and graduated from EsDi Design school in Barcelona, in 2002. Subsequently he taught on various university design courses in Spain, and worked at several architect studios. In 2006 he joined up with Ferran Estela and Estela+Nereo was born.


When Ferran and Nereo came together, they unified their experience, youth, knowledge, will, wisdom and technology – and the result was a dynamic, open studio that produced creations that captured the energy, the light and the local and European cultures they are surrounded by.


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