Cosima Sofa

Inviting, flexible and soft. Does that sound like the perfect living room sofa for you? Design duo KaschKasch, based in Cologne, has fashioned this designer sofa based on two principles: Its comfortable and soft quality (you will be tempted to throw yourself onto it) and the ability to combine a limited number of modules in a variety of ways. The armrest or square back is also the ideal width for resting your drinks, coffee, tray of snacks or laptop on. This range offers seven modules and various fabric and leather material options that can be combined in a multitude of ways or simply stand alone.


With Bolia’s high regard for safety, you can rest easy with a peace of mind with Bolia’s living room sofas. Bolia abstains from the use of potentially harmful chemicals that have known adverse long-term effects for the environment and for its users.


The modular, high end Cosima Sofa – available in 2-seater, 3-seater, 4-seater and chaise lounge sofa.

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Cornerunit (small): W120cm x D120cm x H65cm

Cornerunit (large): W150cm x D120cm x H65cm

Backunit (small): W90cm x D120cm x H65cm

Backunit (large): W120cm x D120cm x H65cm

2 units (small corner): W240cm x D120cm x H65cm

2 units (big corner): W300cm x D120cm x H65cm

Chaise lounge: W120cm x D150cm x H65cm


When it comes to manufacturing their products, Bolia does not compromise when searching for the best quality of the raw materials they use. Bolia ensures that the raw materials that they use to make their sofas are of top quality. In addition, Bolia ensures that their products are produced sustainably and ethically, using only sustainable wood and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals in the production of their leather sofas.

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We try to do make simple & intuitive products — something that’s not too complicated and that is decorative. We always try to design products that are straightforward and poetic at the same time. We get inspired by nearly everything… building sites, fish markets, people and how they act and so on. It’s not only about the surroundings – it’s more about a detailed observation. For us great design is something that feels like it has never been different. Something that makes sense if you look at it or something that makes you happy if you look at it.

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