Din Dining Chair

The Din Chair is a new upholstered dining chair featuring a slim wooden frame with a sophisticated and cosmopolitan appearance; infusing the chair with character and utmost comfort.


Years of study led to the design of Din Chair that is characterised by a highly international appeal combined with immense seating comfort while dining and socialising. The design of Din is gracious and welcoming offering a sense of privacy due to the closed sides. In contrast to the bold upholstered top, the wooden leg structure is light, lean and elegant.


The sumptuous upholstery of Din Chair features an additional backrest padding making it a perfect dining or conference chair for any environment where a statement piece beyond the ordinary is needed to create a luxurious high-class atmosphere.


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Din Chair – Model 3320
W 58.8 cm x D 55 cm x H 77.5 cm
Frame: Oak Smoked stained, lacquered / Black lacquered / lacquered / oiled / white oiled.
Upholstery: Fabric or leather

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Oeo Studio

Oeo Studio


Designer and Creative Director Thomas Lykke (born 1971) trained as a fashion designer in Copenhagen and San Francisco before turning his eye to the design industry where he worked as Interiors Editor at Wallpaper* Magazine from 2000-2003 before setting up his own design company, Oeo Studio, in Copenhagen in 2003.

Oeo Studio always seeks to instil a sense of necessity, one that reflects our belief that great design is driven by passion and shaped by the vision to make a difference in a relevant, natural and respectful way. Our approach to design is holistic. To Oeo Studio, communication is just as important as the product itself. Indeed, truth lies in the totality of the approach. Oeo Studio seeks to touch and inspire people on an emotional level, to create engaging design universes with a cosmopolitan outlook.


“We are creative people with a unique and refined sense of the DNA and personality of a brand: its heritage, qualities and core essence. We have developed masterly skills at taking a brand and bringing it to centre stage. We strive to create products that can last for generations for their outstanding qualities and aesthetics. Finally, we are strong believers in craftsmanship, tactile materials and the lived-in experience when creating meaningful products and ambiances” says Thomas Lykke.


Oeo Studio has created award-winning designs for a broad spectrum of discerning clients, from the most respected centuries-old crafts companies to corporate brand producers of high-quality products, including Georg Jensen, Dinesen, Kadeau, Takashimaya, Brdr. Krüger, Leica, Japan Handmade, Stellar Works, Hosoo and Sony HQ.

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