Giga Sofa

The Giga is available in the following configurations: 2 seater sofa and 3 seater sofa.


With regards to materials, this modern sofa is available in fabric or leather upholstery.


Giga – a sofa with a formula


It presents itself as a great playground of possibilities. Here you can sit, lounge about – and even use the sofa as a bed, as there is neither a back nor armrests. There are only loose cushions which are the building blocks to enable you every day to construct the sofa as you want. But how can you sit on a backless sofa? The answer is pure maths, as the Giga is a sofa with a formula.


In fact, this is an old concept. Way back in the 1980’s, Jens Eilersen thought about the idea of this ultra-flexible playground. The system was patented back then, put into production and became a huge hit. Now the hit is being revived with some small modifications. But the fundaments are still cunning maths combined with a unique plastic material.


Imagine a pair of hold up stockings

“In the late 80’s, whilst I was playing around with how I could get a loose back to stand firmly in the middle of a gigantic sofa seat, I was rather lucky,” confides Jens Eilersen. “My idea was to find the right proportions between the height and depth of the back, so I used body weight and gravity. At the same time I imagined that back elements were coated with the same kind of adhesive material that every modern woman is familiar with from their hold up stockings. When I contacted a factory which produced this kind of thing, they had just developed a variant which could cover the fabric. I got started immediately. Naturally, the base surface would be greater than the height of the back. Otherwise, the back would topple over. Through experiments, I made my way to finding the right conditions so that the body’s weight pressed the loose back perfectly into the seat, so it could stand completely solidly.”


Relaxing and cosy playground

Giga’s body is composed of a thin, cosy seat of 130 x 210cm. Giga gets its cosy look from two ways. First and foremost, the seat is made of Eilersen’s well-known down surface which moulds itself to your body but springs back again as soon as you give your sofa a few pats with your palm. Then there is the fabric. It is fitted loosely and roughly to give it a slightly more relaxed feeling. The removable backs are solid moulded foam and are also angled so that they curve around you and give extra support. The combination of the low foam back and the soft, 50cm high, down pillow gives it perfect support and comfort. The mega-sized sofa-playground with cushions floats on 14cm round steel legs.

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jens juul eilersen

Jens Juul Eilersen


Jens Juul Eilersen took over the management of the family’s small furniture factory in the early 1960s and has since created some of the most modern and popular sofas. When he was a kid in the 1940s, he spent many summer vacations in Funen, where the family factory, which his grandfather Niels Juul Eilersen had founded. Jens has a passionate interest in the objectives and proportions, and when he was not in the workshop, he sat and sketched. Instead of doing homework, he would draw figures of the furniture. In 1959, Jens hired to take care of the creative part of the furniture production of the family business.

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