Icicle Coffee Table Series

The Icicle occasional table collection by Thomas Pedersen draws on both traditional and contemporary influences to create an organic, yet dynamic design. The tapered legs are reminiscent of melting icicles, inspiring the name of the series.


The tabletops are constructed with coloured-through laminate or wooden veneer over painted laminates. The solid wood legs are removable and available in different height options, which allows for more tables to be combined, forming an intriguing split-level configuration of tables.


The tables come in rectangular, triangular and circular shapes, with all edges and sides organically rounded like stones often found on the shores of the Danish coastine. The many wooden and surface options means that Icicle can be combined with both modern and classic interiors.


The rich use of material in the distinctive mountings ensure stable construction that is suitable for public spaces as well for as the family home.


Made in Denmark

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Icicle - Round

Model 1200 – Round 90 cm diameter

H 43/49 cm

Icicle - Square

Model 1210 – Square

L 70 cm x W 70 cm x H 43/45 cm

Icicle - Round

Model 1220 – Round 50 cm diameter

H 43/54 cm

Icicle - Triangular

Model 1230 – Triangular

L 84 cm x W 63 cm x H 43/54 cm

Icicle - Triangular

Model 1240 – Big Triangular

L 127 cm x W 90 cm x H 43/49 cm

Icicle - Rectangular

Model 1250 – Rectangular

L 150 cm x W 58 cm x H 43/49 cm

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Thomas Pedersen


Combining unusual innovations in material and construction with references to historical designs, Pedersen is both unconventional, yet rooted in tradition. Pedersen’s award-winning designs always have a functional starting point from which his more elaborate organic shapes emerge.


Thomas Pedersen believes that furniture should first and foremost be designed in relation to the human body. In this belief, he is drawn to the ergonomic freedom of water and the sea, and he very often arrives at a visual expression resembling the plenty of water surrounding him in his hometown of Aarhus, Denmark.


Fredericia’s collaboration with Pedersen began at the Copenhagen Furniture Fair in 2002. Pedersen presented Stingray, his graduation project from Aarhus School of Architecture, and we were very enthusiastic about the unorthodox quality of his eye-catching design.

In 2008, Fredericia presented a wooden version of Stingray, utilising the world’s largest 3D-veneer press. This remarkable technological achievement earned Thomas Pedersen and Fredericia the highly acclaimed 2008/2009 Danish Design Prize. Since then the Stingray, as well as his Icicle tables, have been established as new design classics in Denmark and around the world.

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