Juul 311 Sofa

Juul 311 is the latest model among the company’s collection of modern quality sofas.


Producing a high-quality sofa is an art. To achieve this without compromising the design, material, and comfort – while keeping the price down – seems almost impossible. Juul 311 is nevertheless a brilliant example of what can be done by making an effort. The harmony between the slim 18mm steel legs, deep seat and vivid upholstery make it difficult to take one’s eyes off of this sofa. And the contrast between the tight lines and the flap edge of the cushions provide the sofa with a bohemian look that makes it easy for it to be placed in virtually any home.

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Arm height (frame): 66 cm · Arm width: 3.5 cm · Arm cushion width: 14 cm
Total depth (frame): 90 cm · Total height (frame): 66 cm
Seat depth: 56 cm · Seat height: 43 cm



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jens juul eilersen

Jens Juul Eilersen


Jens Juul Eilersen took over the management of the family’s small furniture factory in the early 1960s and has since created some of the most modern and popular sofas. When he was a kid in the 1940s, he spent many summer vacations in Funen, where the family factory, which his grandfather Niels Juul Eilersen had founded. Jens has a passionate interest in the objectives and proportions, and when he was not in the workshop, he sat and sketched. Instead of doing homework, he would draw figures of the furniture. In 1959, Jens hired to take care of the creative part of the furniture production of the family business.

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