Lady Armchair

Lady embodies a luxurious aesthetic unlike any other armchair. With its soft and rounded contours, Lady is sophisticated design with a striking wealth of details. Italian Busetti Garuti Radaelli has designed an armchair whose every detail is carefully crafted for a holistic unity.


The armchair’s swivel function is elegantly concealed in the attractive brass base, which also provides a lovely contrast to the soft upholstery. Lady is indelibly charming and offers excellent seating comfort to go with its beautiful look.


The Lady is highly customizable and available in a range of designs. Bolia also carefully follows and respects the high EU REACH standards, avoiding the use of potentially harmful chemicals with known long-term adverse effects on humans and/or the environment.

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Available in a wide range of fabrics. Enquire to learn more.


W83 cm x H81 cm x S39 cm


Filling (back): Cold foam

Filling (seat): Cold foam


Bolia is notoriously choosy with the luxurious and fine materials they use. From fabrics to feathers, every bit of raw material is obtained through sustainable and ethical practices. For example, our fabrics are made out of 100 % wool or recyclable polyester and our leathers are produced without use of harmful substances.


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Busetti Garuti Redaelli


The development of all our projects aims to achieve simple solutions, both technical and formal, privileging usability and legibility of the object. Through this process, we define our ideas reinterpreting traditional or innovative materials to make gentle life companions. Inspirations are everywhere. What matters is to be receptive. We try to be influenced by a great variety of stimulus… always searching for inspirations, during our working time or free time, always keeping our eyes open. This is our state of mind. Great design is, when looking at an object, the first thought is: it could only be so …and after observing him longer: yes, there is no way to improve it, it’s perfect!

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