Milk Desk


The MILK desk was designed to give you a customizable workspace, in a smart and stylish way;a workspace to feed your mind and body.


MILK Classic was born from a need. It was impossible to find a desk that could accommodate a crisp Apple MacBook Pro, something that would work with the clean aluminum design of the computer in a time where most hight adjustable tables looked like hospital beds.


Whether you sit up, slump down, or stand and tap your toes while working, imagine a desk to fit your state of mind and body. The height adjustable MILK desk is ergonomic and responsive which helps conserve your energy for the important stuff. And with 4 built-in compartments to hold your pens and clips and discrete cord management system, the MILK Classic is the design world’s answer to whistling while you work.


It’s grade A all the way. The ideal desk.
MILK Classic is designed to feed your body and mind by giving you a smart, stylish workspace that adjusts to your every need.


• Available in high gloss or matt white finish
• With/without an adjustable electrical column
• Stand and base available in aluminum or white lacquer
• Top lids in black, white, purple or brushed aluminum
• Low or high cable tray


Accessories (available separately):
• Toolbox
• Fish tank
• Paper bin
• Set of extra Top lids (6 pcs.)

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soren rose

Søren Rose Studio


Søren Rose started Soren Rose Studio in 2008. Søren Rose’s designs are characterized by strong personality and attention to detail and quality. Søren Rose has offices in Copenhagen and New York.


The studio specializes in residential living through bespoke products design. The work is characterized by natural simplicity, strong personality and responsible quality.


It’s all about the detail and quality. This way the products will live past our times and become a feeling and a statement rather than a brief trend. A Soren Rose product has a strong personality, it is satisfying and relevant.

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