Montana Skyline

Montana Skyline is a range of light shelves and tables that float on the wall on discreet aluminium rails. Montana Skyline is available in many different lengths and depths, and can be used to hold everything you want on display, or as a desk space – alone or together with other Montana shelving systems.


The shelves are available in lacquer colours or in clear, satin finish or lacquered glass. The shelves can also be ordered with built-in halogen lighting.


Shelves, magazine shelves or tables

Skyline offers you a simple and beautiful approach to displaying magazines in the living room or home office, in the workplace, in the reception or in the library.Skyline tables can be used as a desk in the family room or home office, as a bedside table or hallway sideboard. They are also perfect in a hotel room, as a light writing desk or suitcase shelf.


On the rails

The wall rails come in to different colours, allowing you to play with the combinations and highlight your own personal style. Montana Skyline shelves are available in all 42 colours and tables in 4 different colours. Selected varieties are also available in glass, laminate and PUR lacquer.

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Material and Colours

Montana Skyline shelf: Made from 16 mm MDF and available in all Montana’s 42 lacquer colours and a 12 mm shelf in clear glass. The Skyline shelves in clear glass are also supplied coated in Montana’s full range of 42 lacquer colours.


Montana Skyline magazine shelf: Made from 16 mm MDF and available in all Montana’s 42 lacquer colours.


Montana Skyline table tops: Made from 19 mm MDF and available in 4 laminate colours.

Wall rails:  Are made from anodised aluminium and are also available as powder coated in the colours Snow and Black.


More information

Montana Skyline table: The top of the wall rails are fitted with a rail cover designed for securing wiring.


Montana Skyline maximum load: The Bordline rail should be mounted directly onto the wall. When installation has been carried out correctly, and if the wall is sufficiently sturdy, the Skyline table can support a weight of up to 90 kg.


Dimensions (Montana Skyline Shelf)



Dimensions (Montana Skyline Magazine Shelf)

D: 30 for magazines up till height 36.0 cm.
D: 38 for magazines up till height 47.5 cm.


Dimensions (Montana Skyline Desk)

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