Nara Barstool

Nara Barstool is available in both bar and kitchen counter height, with optional upholstery. The graphical silhouette of the Nara chair is the result of functional logic providing high seating comfort from minimal structure.


Shin Azumi designed the Nara series for Fredericia in 2009. His starting point was to analyse the body’s seated position in Danish chairs by Mogensen, Wegner, Jacobsen and Ditzel, and from there he applied a systematic and graphical aesthetic.


Using his own logic, he succeeded in creating a new version of the wooden chair that is much more besides an exquisite piece of furniture. Behind the stringent, simple design a more complex logic can be discovered.


When you sit in a chair, your spine is normally forced to subject itself to the shape of the chair. Yet this is not the case with Nara. While developing the design Azumi discovered that the shape of the chair could support the muscles and ligaments around the spine, and thereby ensure a stable and natural sitting position without undue pressure on the spinal cord.


The “horns” of the backrest also gave the inspiration for the name: the sacred deer that roam freely in the forests around Nara, Japan’s first capital.

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Nara Barstool

Model 1830 – W 44.5 cm x D 44.5 cm x H 99 cm

Seating Height: 67 cm

Nara Barstool

Model 1832 – W 45 cm x D 45 cm x H 99cm

Seating Height: 67 cm

Nara Barstool

Model 1840 – W 44.5 cm x D 47 cm x H 108 cm

Seating Height: 77 cm

Nara Barstool

Model 1842 – W 45 cm x D 47 cm x H 108 cm

Seating Height: 78 cm


Wood: Black Ash

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shin azumi

Shin Azumi


UK-based Japanese designer Shin Azumi, runs his own design multidisciplinary studio in northern London, ‘a studio’. He designs for internationally based clients in the areas of consumer products, furniture, lighting, and electronics, as well as space design for shops, restaurants and exhibitions.


“Observation is always the key to development. I begin by objectively looking at all the phenomena surrounding a brief and try to clarify the key points to develop the project. After the distillation of the idea, the end result is often purified as a simple solution,” says Azumi.


Shin Azumi’s designs are clearly in line with Fredericia Furniture’s core values of balance between idea, function and aesthetics:

“Functionality is the key to increasing the longevity of a design’s life. I look at physical functionality as well as the effect of psychological functionality. A design is complete when it is used by people. Providing satisfactory, interactive quality is key to a successful design.” says Azumi.


Shin Azumi’s works have been published and awarded worldwide, and they have also been acquired for the permanent collections of many museums, most notably the Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), the Stedelijk Museum (Holland), the Crafts Council (UK), the Die Neue Sammlung (Germany), the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt (Germany).

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