Panton One Outdoor Stool

The Panton One series consists of four chairs in four different heights: Panton One Dining, Panton Kitchen, Panton Bar and Panton Lounge. Verner Panton designed the Panton One chair in 1955. Montana relaunched the chair in 2003. Since then, Montana has developed a whole family of Panton One chairs, all based on Verner Panton’s ideas and designs.

Panton One Kitchen

The perfect chair for dining at kitchen countertop height, or around a high meeting or café table. Recommended for use with table heights of approx. 90 cm.


Panton One Bar

The view just gets better when you’re sitting on a good bar stool. Recommended for use with table heights of approx. 105 cm.

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Frame: Stainless steel

Seat: Hand-woven, UV-protected polyurethane strings with nylon core.



Cord: Available in 15 different colours.

Frame: Stainless steel or lacquered in Black, Snow or Moulin Rouge.

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Height: Panton One Kitchen is recommended for use at a table height of approx. 90 cm, and Panton One Bar at a table height of approx. 105 cm.


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Verner Panton

Verner Panton


“You sit more comfortably on colours you like”


Verner Panton is one of the most colourful designers of the 20th century and a source of inspiration for architects and designers in the fields of textiles, furniture and interior décor.

After studying architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, he worked at Arne Jacobsen’s design studio for two years.


In 1955, Panton unveiled his first chair, called ‘The Tivoli Chair’, which was designed for a restaurant in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens for use both indoors and outdoors.


In 1998, Peter J. Lassen relaunched Verner Panton’s wire shelving system for Montana. In 2003, the iconic Tivoli Chair was put back into production by Joakim Lassen. The range has since been enlarged to include a bar, lounge, kids and kitchen version, based on Panton’s ideas and concepts. The chair series is today called Panton One. In 2013, Verner Panton’s Bachelor chair, with accompanying foot stool and coffee table, was also put back into production for Montana.


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