Paso Floor Lamp

Paso Tri is a new element in Darø’s original Paso collection. The design follows the same simple style, but the combination of all the little changes creates a completely new lamp. The inspiration for Paso Tri comes from a cloverleaf – beautiful and iconic. The edges have been rounded which brings a visually softer expression with more feminine features. Paso Tri is a uniquely designed lamp and in the design process focus has constantly been on quality, expression and concept.

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Material:Steel base / textile shade

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Thomas Daro

Thomas Darø


Throughout his childhood, Thomas Darø been surrounded by designer lamps. The curiosity of light and form language has been a natural part of his upbringing. In 1997 he entered the family business where the actual course of lighting and light design began. Thomas’ designs are characterized by simplicity supported by elegant lines and a good lighting distribution.

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