ROD Modular Shelving System

Mix and match the modules of the Rod Modular Shelving system to build your dream storage system suited to your specific needs. Alternatively, choose from 12 pre-built combinations!


Products from Bolia are often highly customizable.


Bolia also carefully follows and respects the high EU REACH standards, avoiding the use of potentially harmful chemicals with known long-term adverse effects on humans and/or the environment.

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Dimensions vary due to modular nature of product


Rod: Powder coated steel or plated brass
Shelves and modules: Veneer wood in white oiled oak or smoked oak


Bolia is notoriously choosy with the luxurious and fine materials they use. Every bit of raw material is obtained through sustainable and ethical practices. For example, our wood comes from reproductive forests.


Imported from Denmark

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We try to do make simple & intuitive products — something that’s not too complicated and that is decorative. We always try to design products that are straightforward and poetic at the same time. We get inspired by nearly everything… building sites, fish markets, people and how they act and so on. It’s not only about the surroundings – it’s more about a detailed observation. For us great design is something that feels like it has never been different. Something that makes sense if you look at it or something that makes you happy if you look at it.

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