Savanna Sofa

The Savanna is available in the following configurations: 3 seater sofa, 4 seater sofa and above, chaise lounge sofa, corner sofa and sofa with open end.


With regards to materials, this modern sofa is available in fabric or leather upholstery.


A lounging sofa from Eilersen promises comfort. Comfort with no compromises. In strong, well-conceived lines and with soft upholstery that hugs the body. But how can this be harmonised and balance with the desire for lightness of expression?


Next time you buy a new sofa should it be heavy and substantial? Light and airy? Or would you rather have one leg in each camp and have it all? You should test out a Savanna, in which Jens Juul Eilersen supports your back with a pot belly without the rest of the sofa’s body gaining in weight.


Lines, lightness and luxury merge into one

“Savanna is built up as a normal frame with normal seat cushions. On the face of it this sounds firm and this was just my intention” emphasises Jens Juul Eilersen. “I wanted to create a sofa with a world of opportunities for expansion and a design which is so classic that the sofa will always modern. Taut lines are good for the eye but the sofa must also be really great to sit and lounge in. The art was to optimise the comfort without compromising on the lightness.


Soft belly and space for long legs

First I upholstered the seating with down. Then came the back with ends they are the same but with a “belly” in the middle – just like a stout man well held in by his belt. This rounded shape fits the back perfectly and the chaise-longue and cushion provide additional comfort. Compared with our previous modular sofas the chaise-longue has an extra 10 cm of depth so that your feet do not dangle off the end when you are watching TV or relaxing with a book. The range of down cushion has also been extended with additional sizes so you can build just the right nest to suit your home”.


Sofa building for any home

Versatility is absolutely one of the strengths of Savanna. All seating elements are 100 cm deep and the chaise-longue goes right up to 170 cm. In width Savanna varies flexibly in small steps of 10 cm from 100 to 220 cm. Together with corner elements this allows you to build your sofa or sofa group within very precise dimensions so that it matches exactly the room and the furniture it is to interact with. The elements come with and without armrests. This means that you can utilise the strong lines and self-esteem of Savanna to achieve the freedom that free-standing sofa elements can provide. Completely in line with its classic lightness Savannah is supported on Eilersen’s 10 cm high steel legs.

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jens juul eilersen

Jens Juul Eilersen


Jens Juul Eilersen took over the management of the family’s small furniture factory in the early 1960s and has since created some of the most modern and popular sofas. When he was a kid in the 1940s, he spent many summer vacations in Funen, where the family factory, which his grandfather Niels Juul Eilersen had founded. Jens has a passionate interest in the objectives and proportions, and when he was not in the workshop, he sat and sketched. Instead of doing homework, he would draw figures of the furniture. In 1959, Jens hired to take care of the creative part of the furniture production of the family business.

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