Schiesse Pendant Lamp

One of our largest pendant lamps, Scheisse is a striking design with lots of impact. Made in the shape of a light bulb, the shade is crafted from shards of aluminium that appear to be exploding outwards. Each individual piece is held in place by a metal rod and painted white on both sides to reflect the light and project it downward.


Scheisse’s iconoclastic design brings Pop Art to mind, creating an eye-catching light that’s functional and fun.Taking the traditional incandescent light bulb as the starting point, the designer conceived Scheisse as a blend of art and industrial design, light and shadows, and an assemblage of positive and negative shapes. Scheisse’s expressive design appears to be morphing into new forms, playfully symbolising the end of the light bulb as we know it.

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Hans Bleken Rud

Hans Bleken Rud


Hans Bleken Rud (born 1980) is a Norwegian Industrial Designer. He began his studies at the Art and Design college in Asker, Norway and later graduated with a Masters in Industrial Design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. His career has been focused towards various projects related to lighting and light design. He now works as a professional lighting designer for Glamox as.

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