Sleek Dining Chair

The Sleek series is a vision of beauty – merging milled, solid wood with classic references, it is the definition of what we call a modern chair which has its roots in the past, giving it a timeless appeal. Soft curves, rounded seat, it is a pleasure to lounge in; you won’t ever feel the need to leave your seat!


Products from Bolia are often highly customizable.


Bolia also carefully follows and respects the high EU REACH standards, avoiding the use of potentially harmful chemicals with known long-term adverse effects on humans and/or the environment.

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W54.7cmx D55.5cm x H78.4cm (Low)

W58.7cm x D41.3cm x H96.9cm (High)


Oak with oiled/white oiled finish
Smoked oak with oiled finish
Beech with laquered finish (Grey) [Low & High Back only]
Beech with laquered finish (White/Black) [Low Back only]




Bolia is notoriously choosy with the luxurious and fine materials they use. Every bit of raw material is obtained through sustainable and ethical practices. For example, our wood comes from reproductive forests.


Handcrafted in Italy

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Says Who

Says Who


Says Who is a design-duo comprised of Nikolaj and Kasper. Says Who design and develop furniture for international manufacturers, and their style is simple, functional and filled with character. Their strength is in the combination of good design, thought out solutions and a solid business understanding. Working together as a duo can be challenging and chaotic with conflicting ideas and different approaches. But that has proven to be the perfect circumstances for Says Who to create all their unique designs. With their design style rooted in the great traditions of Scandinavian design they always look for ways to reinvent it to fit into present time.

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