Snakkes Table Lamp

Snakkes is a wall-mounted LED “speaking” board, created to light up the wall and to write a text or comment on with a white board marker pen. Do you need to remind your roommate to pay the rent? Forgot to tell your dad you borrowed his car? Do you want to tell your girlfriend that you love her? Are you tired of telling your boyfriend to put the toilet seat down? Are you fed up with small yellow post-it notes that end up on the floor? Forget sticky papers, save the planet, express your mood and say it with light!


“Snakkes” in Norwegian means “talk to you later”. It would be something you would say to someone when parting from them or leaving a message. Say it with light!

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Daniel Cortazar


Graphic designer from Barcelona who spends his time between Oslo and Barcelona, pondering whether he prefers ball-shaped food and long summer nights or sangria and paella. Still undecided, he keeps on contemplating!

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