Soborg Dining Chair

An extremely contemporary design, the Søborg chair bridges the contrast between industrial and handcrafted solutions, along with the textural properties of solid wood, plywood and steel. All compounded with a lightweight and solidly grounded aesthetic.


Mogensen exhibited the first prototype for the Søborg Chair in 1950. His intention was to make a shell chair that could be produced with new machineries of the time. The rounded shaped seat and back in moulded plywood combined with a solid wood frame, reflected how Mogensen fused his international contact with traditional cabinet-makers’ solutions and his own functionalist design identity.


In 1952, Mogensen expanded the series with a steel framed chair. Working with steel was exception, rather than rule, in Mogensen’s work ethic, but the execution was typical of Mogensen. Adding details such as the slightly tapered legs, Mogensen successfully demonstrated the use of woodworking methodologies in steel, which means the Søborg chair has a visual expression that is less industrial and more crafted.


A true functionalist, Mogensen believed that furniture should encourage freedom of personality. With its discrete design, sturdy construction and generous width, the Søborg Chair expresses this perfectly in any environment… at home, in restaurants, in working areas or any socially engaging space.


Made in Denmark

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Søborg Chair - Wood frame

Model 3050 – Wood Frame

W 51 cm x D 48.5 cm x H 80 cm

Seating Height: 45.5 cm


Model 3051 – Wood Frame (Upholstered Seat)

W 51 cm x D 48.5 cm x H 80 cm

Seating Height: 46.5 cm

Søborg Chair - Steel frame

Model 3060 – Steel Frame

W 51 cm x 50.5 cm x H 79.5 cm

Seating Height: 45.5 cm


Model 3061 – Steel Frame (Upholstered Seat)

W 51 cm x D 50.5 cm x H 79.5 cm

Seating Height: 46.5 cm

Søborg Armchair - Steelframe

Model 3070 – Steel Frame Armchair

W 62 cm x D 50.5 cm x H 78 cm

Seating Height: 45 cm

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borge mogensen

Børge Mogensen

DENMARK (1914-1972)

Børge Mogensen designed some of the most renowned furniture pieces of the 1950s and 1960s. An exceptionally productive man, Mogensen’s collection of designs numbers into the thousands. New ideas came to him at any time of the day or night, and were scribbled down on matchboxes, table napkins, creased envelopes, or whatever was at hand. His lifelong mission was to create simple and practical furniture.


Appearance was important, but never at the expense of functionality. He disapproved of colleagues who succumbed to the whims of fashion, ignored functionality or used excessively expensive materials. In the same breath, he defiantly brushed off any criticism for only using wood, his preferred material in all its different embodiments. One of Mogensen’s most iconic pieces is the Spanish Chair, an interpretation of a traditional type of chair often found in areas influenced by ancient Islamic culture – from Andalusia to northern India.

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