String Works

The Works desk by String makes it easy to switch your working posture on the fly – seated or standing upright – with just one simple hand movement you can adjust the height easily to your needs. A very useful detail is the small cover in the tabletop which allows you to hide all your wiring nicely. The robust tabletop rests on two blocks that almost give the desk a filigrane feel which perfectly integrates into any office or home workspace.


Height-adjustable desk (electrical) available with three different tabletops, as well as multiple useful accessories.


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Height adjustable work desk


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Mobile storage unit


Filing cabinet
inside depth 28 cm


Free standing shelf / sound absorbing felt


Fabric screen


Wire screen for desk

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nisse strinning

Nisse Strinning

SWEDEN (1917-2006)

Swedish architect, Nils Strinning was among a group of mid-twentieth century designers that helped build the foundations of what is now widely termed Scandinavian Design. Born in Sweden in 1917, he studied architecture in Stockholm from 1940-47 before designing the iconic String shelf system that his name is still synonymous with.


Since its launch in 1949, the String design has received more than 15 prestigious international awards. As contemporary today as it was almost 60 years ago, String was originally developed as an affordable and flexible book shelf system that could be added to as owners’ book collections increased. Nisse Strinning passed away in 2006 but his legacy lives on.


Today String enjoys a fresh lease of life from the new company’s headquarters in Malmö. New products have been introduced that add even more flexibility and storage possibilities to the system.

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