T1 Dining Table

T1 is a table with character and lightness. A timeless style that blends with interiors in all modern homes. The tabletop is with hard-wearing high-pressure laminate and the legs are made of solid wood with elegant details such as visible dowelling. The table comes in two versions – with a fixed tabletop or as an extendable table.


The T1 table received the “Wallpaper Design Award 2012” in the category “Best dining table”. Wallpaper is a leading international design, fashion and lifestyle magazine, distributed in 93 countries, with a monthly readership of approx. 500,000. The design award is viewed as one of the more prestigious stamps of approval of the international design industry.


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88 x 160 x H72,5 cm
(extension for 3 leaves)


95 x 180 x H72,5 cm
(extension for 3 leaves)


95 x 220 x H72,5 cm
(extension for 4 leaves)


160 x 88 x H72,5 cm
(fixed table top)


180 x 95 x H72,5 cm
(fixed table top)


220 x 95 x H72,5 cm
(fixed table top)


240 x 110 x H72,5 cm
(fixed table top)


295 x 110 x H72,5 cm
(fixed table top)


The extension leaves are each 50 cm.



Alpino Capri Clementine Dali Chocolate

Black Doeskin Iron Ocean Grey Pale Gold

Pale Olive Silver



white oil oil soap







white oil oil soap


white oil oil soap



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byKATO is an award-winning Danish design company dedicated to creating contemporary, highly usable products for everyday living. We aim to bridge the gap between commercial industrial design and high-quality craftsmanship, by using honest and justifiable materials and paying careful attention to even the tiniest detail”.


“What we are looking for is originality and authenticity – products with character and a history, which always stand for the kind of classic traditional craftsmanship that really takes heart and soul to achieve. Our mantra is to design products, which we ourselves would like to have. We always take starting point in our own needs. In this way it all comes from the heart and the necessary enthusiasm is always at present”.


“We are very much aware of the production methods and what materials to select. Already in the design process – nothing is left to chance”. In short, byKATO’s mission is to do honest work.


byKATO was established in 2010 by Karl Rüdiger Rossell and Tonny Glismand, with the byKATO name deriving from the two founders’ names. Karl and Tonny share a passion for designing honest, practical products that are within reach for almost anyone.

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