The Dux 3003

The title of DUX’s most outstanding single mattress bed goes to the DUX3003. Its unbelievably high levels of comfort are due to the interactions between two of DUX innovations – the unique Pascal system with spring cassettes that are interchangeable and the DUX spring system, which comprises of thousands of interconnected coils. These then allow the DUX bed to be highly customisable, allowing the informed sleeper to find the combination that will best suit their individual circumstances. With its high set of springs, the DUX 3003 also allows for incredibly deep suspension.


Our Duxiana Beds are highly customisable and available in various sizes. This includes but is not limited to: Single, Small Double, Double, King and Super King. Please note that these are in European bed sizes. To learn more, please click on the specification tab.

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The DUX Difference



Duxiana Design Team


The DUX Design team are more than just craftsmen – they are scientists. Similarly, the DUX is not just a stylish bed, it is a vehicle for wellbeing. These beds are the result of more than nine decades of innovation and research. Their ultimate goal? To help the informed sleeper achieve more deep sleep. Using high performance materials, such as slow growth Swedish pine and time tested technology, the designers of DUXIANA have created beds that boasts exquisite comfort. Prestigious hotels around the world trust the hands of these experienced craftsmen – why don’t you?

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