Wood Kids Bunk Bed Ladder Front

Wood Collection bunk bed, ladder front. The bunk bed from the Wood Collection is a classic beautiful bed with a soft warm look from the 50´ties. It brings back precious memories to old trams. The Wood bunk bed is unique with bars and rounded corners. it is made in two models: one with the ladder in the front and another with the ladder in the end. Also the colors variate between plain white or white with details in Nordic oak (white oiled). The bunk bed from Wood Collection is available in four models depending on the colors in either oak/white or plain white and by the placement of the ladder. Also the bunk bed can be supplemented with bed guard and bed drawer for storage.

Please note that the ladder can be mounted only on the left side of the front and not on the right side.
The bunk bed is also available with the ladder in the end.

All beds from the Wood Collection can be converted into any other Wood bed except the Wood cot by purchasing a conversion kit with extra parts. For more information and prices please contact us by phone or mail.

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Dimensions (incl. ladder): L:207 x W:104 x H:176 cm

Colour: white/oak or white


*Optional – cold foam mattress L:200 x W:90 x H:13 cm, bed guard L:77 x W:2.5 x H:42, bed drawer L:142 x W:94 x H:24 cm

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