Danish Design Dining Set Promotion March 2018

30% Off – All Dining Sets Promotion

In a home, the dining table is more than just a statement piece. It is where our we and our loved ones gather for a hearty meal and meaningful conversations. Thus, it stands to reason that the design and practicality of a table should play a crucial role in the decision process of purchasing a dining table. If you are currently seeking a dining table that embodies good design and excellent functionality, we at Danish Design Co will be more than pleased to be of assistance. For this promotion, we are offering a 30% discount on all dining sets. This discount is valid with a minimum purchase of six dining chairs.


In Denmark, the spirit of traditional craftsmanship remains strong. Each dining table is painstakingly created by hand, ensuring a quality make that cannot be found elsewhere. In addition, our dining tables are often equipped with sleek extension systems, allowing you to sit approximately a dozen guests comfortably. To obtain a better understanding of the dining tables we have available, please visit our dining table and chairs pages.


Our famous Scandinavian brands take pride in every detail. The brands we represent that are renown for creating dining sets are as follows: Naver Collection, Skovby, dk3 and Gubi.


Terms and conditions apply. Please drop us an enquiry or visit our showroom in Singapore if you have further questions.