Is a hard bed really better?

Danish Design Co Singapore

September 29, 2017

We have always been told that sleeping on a firm mattress benefits your body – have you ever wondered why? In the past, our beds are made of materials that could be compressed. As the center of the mattresses would sag, this inadvertently led to people being forced to sleep in a hammock position. Neck and back pain became the inevitable result. Firmer materials, such as boards, were soon introduced in mattresses to improve support, leading to the popular theory that a harder bed is a better bed.


As you probably suspected at this point, this popular theory is a misconception. In the moments where one picks out a mattress, many would confuse the word ‘firm’ with ‘supportive’ and are ultimately unaware that their decision to purchase a too-firm mattress will backfire. Such an inflexible purchase forces your body to meld to it, creating pressure points that prevent optimum circulation. In addition, it makes it difficult to straighten your spine. Several months down the road, your body might even get accustomed to such inflexibility, which is undoubtedly worse as you are causing stress to your body without realizing it.






In a nutshell, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. While a too-firm mattress forces your body (particularly your shoulders and hips) into awkward, unnatural positions, a too-soft one does not provide sufficient support.


Achieving a balance between the two might seem impossible, but DUXIANA has done it. The patented technology within these beds encourages the mattress to outline the shape of your body perfectly while providing adequate support. This is accomplished by allowing the spine to rest in its default position and the hips and shoulders loosely perpendicular to it. Ultimately, these beds assist in alleviating back pain and improving circulation within the body.






Visit our showroom today to experience the science behind DUXIANA’s sleep technology. It is, quite literally, the best of both worlds.



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