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April 10, 2021

(Header Picture features a 2 seater Slice Sofa)


For over a century, furniture house Eilersen has continued to amuse furniture lovers with stunning furnishings. In this post, we present the four most astonishing Eilersen designs available in our Singapore showroom. Inspired by our friends on Instagram, we’ve put together this narrative featuring décor with the Eilersen designer sofas.


Ajour Sofa


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The incredibly stylish 2 seater Ajour Sofa is excellent for spacious, vibrant indoor areas. With generous arms, modular sections, sturdy frame and layers of cushions, experience lounging like never before. Besides the ability to add center sections, we offer fabric in ten colors to match the vivid interiors.



Plano Sofa



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The L-shaped Plano Sofa provides a modern lounging experience. In contrast to the most popular lounging sofa designs, which tend to be heavy, the Plano Sofa is lightweight, and yet, promotes enjoyable reclining. Regardless of whether you’re a few friends catching up on lost time or a large enough group to form a lacrosse team, relax across or lounge along the Plano Sofa. Configure the sofa as you please by adding center sections and choosing the orientation of the closing segments.



Play Tower Sofa



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You’ll marvel at how quickly the 2 seater Play Tower Sofa transforms from a sofa into a bed. Besides beauty and elegance, flexibility and mobility are the thoughtful elements of the Play Tower design. Cone-shaped back blocks are the innovative elements, which become immobile once placed on the non-slip material. Move the blocks around the sofa or on the floor to build a ‘nest,’ like many of our patrons, who find the arrangement incredibly comfy for binge-watching their favorite TV series or for late-night reads.



Slice Sofa



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If you’re looking to buy fine modular sofas, we recommend the Slice Sofa. Build from one to three slices, and choose from fabric or leather, for a variety of deployment options, depending on your interior decor. With several colors, sections and sizes to choose from, you couldn’t go wrong regardless of whether you deploy the divan in a downtown high-rise or a villa.


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Each of these four sofa sets has a unique persona! Did you notice how the sections transform the sofas in the exhibits? Which one of these sofas do you fancy the most? If you feel inspired, create your own stunning spaces with Eilersen designer sofas. Send us your design, and we’ll share it on Instagram. We welcome you to our showroom and check out the luxury furniture. We’ve only a few sets left, so hurry!

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