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The clean lines and beautiful use of natural materials in midcentury modern furnishings will never go out of style; in fact, they appear to be more in demand than ever. Ultimately, approachability serves as the unifying factor. These are designs that inspire conversation and attract people to Scandinavian design. They frequently display a finely tuned equilibrium between the human capacity for abstraction and the living vitality of nature. They are vividly gorgeous in addition to being quietly functional.


Here are our iconic pieces we offer at Danish Design Co Singapore that you can include in your homes to elevate the overall opulent décor:


Poet Sofa & Chieftain Lounge Chair

chieftan chair and poet sofa, danish design co singapore

The Poet Sofa was created for Finn Juhl’s personal residence and debuted at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in 1941. The compact two-seater sofa, which draws inspiration from surrealist art, exudes comfort, workmanship, and respect for the materials used. The sofa is hand-upholstered in Denmark and offered in a range of materials and leathers.


Another impressionable masterpiece and the pinnacle of Finn Juhl’s career as a furniture designer is the well-known Chieftain Chair. The chair represented a revival of the Danish furniture design history when it was introduced in 1949. It is regarded as one of the major representatives of the Danish Modern movement in the US in the 1950s today.


String System

String system - danish design co singapore

An innovative Scandinavian String System shelving solution created to solve all of your storage issues. You may create the ideal shelf with the shelving system using a combination of wooden and metal shelves to create a special arrangement. There are countless of modular options with a wide variety of accessories and colors. The String shelf system, created in 1949 by architects Nisse and Kajsa Strinning, is well known for its distinctive wire panels. The first significant addition to the String system came in the form of the plex panels, which debuted in 1954.


Wishbone Chair

Wishbone Dining Chair - Four Statement Dining Chair Designs Every Home Should Have

The CH24 or Wishbone Chair, the very first model Hans J. Wegner created specifically for Carl Hansen & Søn in 1949, has been in continuous production since its release in 1950. A trained craftsman needs about an hour to hand-weave the chair’s seat, which is made of impressively durable and stable paper string and requires around 120 meters of it to complete. The Wishbone Chair satisfies aesthetic demands for a distinctive, graceful form while also providing comfort and stability.


Spanish Lounge Chair

Scandinavian Style - Danish Design Co Singapore

Børge Mogensen’s magnificent contribution to modern design, the iconic Spanish Chair, was created for Fredericia in 1958. A chair with a powerful presence that will only get prettier with age is one made of solid oak or walnut with the finest saddle leather.


Trinidad Chair

Trinidad chair - Fredericia - Danish Design Co Singapore

Nanna Ditzel was inspired to create the Trinidad Chair in 1993 by the intricate fretwork of the Gingerbread Facades she had observed in colonial buildings while touring Trinidad. Similar to the façade, the chair’s cut-out fretwork causes light and shadow to interact, casting a pattern into space and giving it a faint impression of motion.


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