Design History Behind Fine Crafted Furniture by Eilersen

Origins of Eilersen 


The skill-set Niels Eilersen of Stenby helmed from his fine woodwork crafting coaches back in 1895 reaped a whole generation of his finest works. Niels could steam-bend wood to perfection which made his craft in great demand. The coach-building business flourished with his carriages being a great success from all over the country. However, things took a turn when cars began appearing in Denmark. Niels immediately realized that cars were the future and had to delve into a new line of crafting.



The Evolution of Coach to Couch


In 1902, after the foundation stone for the Eilersen concern had been laid off, the next phase of the Eilersen business began. Niels’ talent for steam-bending wood allowed him to make the most stunning wooden frames. Besides the coachwork production, the factory started making blind frames for upholstered sofas and chairs, and the upswing in the furniture industry guaranteed great success. Niels Eilersen had two sons, Eiler and Axel. The second generation had also become part of the company in the shape of the son, Axel Eilersen, and the daughter, Gudrun. Axel later became director of the company.


Eilersen Design Origins - Danish Design Co


Furniture production began to pick up in 1959 when Eilersen launched the now renowned IW chair designed by Illum Wikkelsø alongside a range of other light furniture from several other designers. In the 1970s, Eilersen ventured into a new design collaboration with designer Andreas Hansen. This results in the ‘Lørdagshjørnet’ sofa, a fixture in the top-rated TV show of the same name, hosted by Erling Bundgaard. It is an authentic place to sit for many famous guests, including Victor Borge, Dan Turèll, Dirch Passer, and Kim Larsen.




Going Global: 1970s – Introducing the Brand to International Markets


Eilersen then blossomed into a very prominent sofa brand in Denmark. In 1979, Stratos, the first sofa Jens Juul Eilersen designed in his name. Shortly after, the business started appealing to the market in the US and ventured into expanding production to meet the increased demands. From 1998, Jens Juul Eilersen spends a great deal of time in China to build up production and to make sure the same fine quality is maintained. Production later begins in Slovakia too. The old production hall in Skamby has now been transformed into a 1,600 sq.m. showroom.



The stunning Dacapo Sofa, designed by Jens Juhl Eilersen, appeals to the design eye and its ease of maintenance makes it lovable. You can easily pull a strap in the seat to disassemble the sections and remove the cover off for cleaning. It is truly effortless and simple! Additionally, you can customise your sofa by adjusting the colour according to fashion, interior decor, season, or personal taste. The new generation of Eilersen Sofas has created a revolutionary advantage in keeping your designer furniture timeless.



The Frame Table designed the fourth-generation Eilersen, Nils Juul Eilersen, configured an astonishing combination of marble and glass tabletops. This elegant table was built from a modest construction, consisting of four laser-cut steel frames assembled with 16 screws. He wanted to emphasize the beauty and versatility of the various table tops that Eilersen offers. You can customise the tabletops and it is available in four different sizes.



The noteworthy 301 Sofa, designed by Jens Juhl Eilersen, pushed the limitations of customisability as it is highly modular. You can simply select from different sofa modules and transform your sofa into different configurations to fit your living area. As time goes by, you can decide to add more modules to cater to your needs accordingly.



What’s Next?


Today, the 3rd and 4th generations works alongside each other contributing to the family business. Jens continues to design new furniture models each year while Anders and Nils look after sales, production, and marketing. Eilersen celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2020 with the 5th generation on the way.




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