Women in Design (Part 4): Sculptural Modern Furniture

Rikke Frost - Designer

May 28, 2020

In the fourth and final part of our blog series on inspiring women in design, we are going to celebrate a woman who marks the future of Scandinavian furniture and design. Rikke Frost made her name with her iconic coffee table, the Bowl, which epitomises the elegance and surprise of modern creative design.



Bolia Bowl Coffee Table 3


Frost, born in 1973 in Denmark, joins a long line of furniture designers who originally studied architecture at university. After graduating in 2000, Rikke opened up her own studio in Aarhus in 2004. Rikke’s designs are symbolic of the future of Scandiavian design. She focuses on preserving key traditions of craftsmanship and an appreciation for nature, while incorporating modern trends. By using simple shapes and focusing on the use of colour and materials, her designs carry the historic craft of Nordic furniture design into the 21st century.


Key to her practice is a drive to create livable pieces of art; designs that are not only sculpturally intriguing but are designed to be used and felt.



Bolia Bowl Coffee Table 1


Today, Rikke works with Bolia, a Danish furniture company renowned for its creative edge as part of the New Scandinavian Design wave. It is a natural collaboration; Bolia is known for its focus on unusual, bold design, and unique approach to natural materials. It takes on the challenge of modern living, and leads the field in a new sensitive approach to design and manufacturing. In every stage of the design and manufacturing process, decisions are made with regards to sustainability. Key is the promotion of designs that hold an innate longevity – simply put, they are designed to remain in style, and manufactured to last.


The Bowl coffee table, pictured below, is an example of this in practice. A simple rounded frame makes this coffee table an elegant and easy fit into any living room. This is surprising considering the stark contrasting materials used. The combination of veneer and wood should clash, however the Bowl looks surprisingly at ease in its unconventional material pairing. The beauty of the shape smooths over any tension.



Bolia Bowl Coffee Table 2


In typical Rikke Frost fashion, the real magic of this design comes from its hidden features. The Bowl is a perfect storage solution for any style conscious individual. Its wood lid can be swiveled to reveal a large cavity within the ‘bowl’, perfect for books, board games, or anything else that tickles your fancy. It is a design that symbolises the future of Nordic furniture; bold and unusual in so many ways yet equally timeless. It is sure to become a classic in time.


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