Iconic Kids Furniture

Authentic Kids Furniture with Exceptional Quality

Oliver Furniture Kids Seaside Dresser

Our Iconic Collection is for Singapore parents who look for exceptional quality in their furniture. Here, we offer exquisite kids furniture!


Iconic Kids Furniture

We at Danish Design Co strive to provide quality and luxury furnitures for your rooms. Your children’s room is no exception. Made of the kids furniture that we carry are highly modular and some ages with your children as well. This makes our kids furniture as functional as it is high quality.


Iconic Baby Furniture

We understand that babies require special attention, and that includes our attention too. Our cots are able to be transformed into a small kids bed as your baby develops and grows into a toddler. Aging together with your child from the day they are born until they are nine years old, we have cots that accommodate to different room styles, such as the Wood Cot and the Seaside Cot by Oliver Furniture.


Iconic Kids Beds

We know how much children enjoy the the design of their bed as much as adults do. We carry various models and designs such that our beds are although suited to your children’s taste, they remain classic and adaptable in any children’s theme room. We retail Kids Loft Beds, Kids Bunk Beds and more.


Iconic Kids Storage

You children probably have more toys than you have accessories. For that, we have a range of dressers and storage spaces for your children’s toys. This includes, but are not limited to, the Wood Dresser and the Seaside Dresser.


Your children’s room is just one part of what makes up a beautiful house. Explore our iconic collection to shop for similar products and complete your dream home!