New Modern Workspace Furniture

Contemporary, Modern Workspace Furniture

String System Shelves and Bookcases

Our New Modern Collection is for Singapore shoppers who prefer the chic and hip look. Here, we offer workspace furniture for your home study!


New Modern Workspace Furniture

You can shop a variety of designer workspace furniture for your home study and commercial officers on this page. These include Work Desks, Office Chairs, Bookcases, Shelves and Table Lamps. If you would like to narrow down you search to any of the specific categories, our filter system can help for easy browsing.


New Modern Work Desk

We’ve got a range of light-weight desks and side drawers to store your necessities. These desks are sleek tables for the modern city-dweller that is suitable for both home and commercial office use.


New Modern Office Chairs

Everyone knows that the right office chair really helps you improve your productivity at work. Here, we have office chairs that will not only give you style but also immeasurable comfort while you conquer whatever comes your way.


New Modern Bookcases & Shelves

Check out our huge range of bookcase and shelving options! Some are modular, meaning you can customize them to your exact needs.


New Modern Table Lamps

Our lamps in this collection are a modern take on the classic office lamp. They’ve been stripped to only the basics and given new functionality with a well-balanced architecture that allow individuals to adjust the lighting while being energy efficient. What a great way to revitalise the traditional office table lamps!


For more intriguing designs, check out the rest of our New Modern Collection!