Bird Dining Chair

Quality Scandinavian Design

Available in many varieties of wood; Timeless Design


Are you looking for a dining chair with a timeless design? Then you’re at the right place! Here’s the Éan, meaning bird in Irish. Scott Fitzsmons’ ingenious design, inspired by the masterpieces of the 1960s, is full of clean lines. The backrest mimics a bird’s wings, spread out in mid flight. Supporting it is a single elegant and narrow metal rod that takes this chair into the modern era. This Scandinavian chair would suit the elegance of your dining room aesthetics due to its classic look. Get the dining chair that elevates your home today!


If you are looking to pair the Bird Dining Chair with a table, the New Coney Dining table designed by Glismand and Rudiger would be an excellent match for the dining chair.



Scandinavian brand Bolia is known for its contemporary and innovative designs that are in accordance to the highest safety and quality standards.


Safety & Warranty Information

Bolia’s confidence in the quality of their designs allows them to offer their customers a 5 year warranty on their tables. The warranty covers manufacturing defects.


Discover More Designs

If the Bird Dining Chair is not what you’re looking for, don’t worry as there are other options for you in our Dining Chair Collection.

W51.3cm x D50cm x H78.2cm


Black Stained/White pigmented/Natural Oak with Black Lacquered Legs
Walnut with Black Lacquered Legs
Black Stained/White pigmented/Natural Oak with Chrome Legs
Walnut with Chrome Legs



Scott Fitzsimons is a New Zealand designer who designs products that are simple and timeless. Everything should be considered.