Form Dining Chair - Metal Legs

Scandinavian Design - Simple But Exquisite

German Design Award 2016 – “Special Mention”; Comes in a variety of colours


The Form Dining Chair – Metal Legs came from an ambitious goal to create a shell chair that looked seamless from its shell to its legs. Simon Legald successfully achieved this by developing a method called the cup system that gathered the seat with its legs. This contemporary design is perfect for a urban home. Coming in a variety of 6 colours and 2 metal leg finishes, this beautiful dining chair is able to blend into any residential or commercial surrounding harmoniously.


The Form Dining Chair – Metal Legs also comes in the Wooden leg variation if you prefer a more rustic and rugged theme for your dining area.


Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is known for their one-of-a-kind and inventive designs. They place equal emphasis on design aesthetics that are modern and relevant as well as durability. Normann Copenhagen is a furniture company that wishes to challenge the norm and make the unconventional conventional.


Safety & Warranty Information

All products purchased from Normann Copenhagen have a 2 year warranty on manufacturing and material defects. You can be assured have no post-purchase regrets, knowing you have got the best.


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L 48cm x W 52cm x H 80cm


Shell: Polypropylene Plastic (White, Grey, Black, Blue, Green, Red)
Legs: Chrome, Brass, Lacquered Steel (Blue, Green)



Danish designer Simon Legald dedicates himself in creating both small and large-scale products that are meant to be both functional and visually pleasing. He personally favours a more simplistic approach and highlights the necessities in his creations rather than masking them in superfluous decorative details.