Stick Cut Dining Chair

Scandinavian Design - Simple But Exquisite

Immense Seating Comfort
The Stick Cut Dining Chair was designed for maximum comfort while dining and socialising. It is a fully upholstered chair with black steel frame and tapered solid wood legs. Its base is light-footed but solidly embedded in the metal construction of the seat.


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PBJ Designhouse

PBJ’s core values lie deep in their craftsmanship and powerful functional designs. The brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and protecting the environment ensures that every piece is of the top quality and produced in an ethical manner. 


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L43cm x D55cm x H84cm

Frame: Light oak, Black oak, Walnut, Oak oil

Seat: Available in a range quality Veneer, Laminate and Felt



The Stick Cut Dining Chair is designed by the PBJ Design Team.