SM103 Extendable Dining Table

A Union of Luxury & Practicality

Fusion of desk and dining table; Large storage space


The SM103 Extendable Dining Table, designed with only the finest materials by the Skovby Designer Team, is a dream come true. The traditional Scandinavian concept has been refined by the Skovby team, resulting in this intriguing furniture hybrid. It has dual functions whereby it can be used as a dining table or a desk. This modern table is catered to seat 6-10 people. Can it get better? Yes, of course! The SM103 Extendable Dining table has 4 drawers that gives you ample storage space.


If you’re wondering which chairs you should pair the SM103 Extendable Dining Table with, the Skovby 52 dining chair would be a good option.



Skovby has been around since 1933 and was founded by cabinetmaker Thorvald Rasmussen. The team is driven to continue their three generations of passion, which is to unite strong aesthetic expression with innovative function. They believe in doing everything from their hearts.


Safety & Warranty Information

5-year limited warranty on extension mechanisms, patented extension systems and fittings.


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L 156-256cm X W 81cm X H 74cm

Available in lacquered Oak & Walnut



This piece of luxury furniture was designed by the Skovby Design Team.