SM37/39 Extendable Dining Table

A Union of Luxury & Practicality

Structural V shape base; Able to seat 6-14 people


SM37 and SM39 are Skovby’s finest designs that look similar but possess different qualities. The SM37 has a structural V shape base which allows for more leg room. It also seats about 6 to 12 people. When you extend the table to its full potential, it boasts a sturdy and rustic look that would impress anyone. There are two extension leaves that are stored under the tabletop.


The SM 39 functions similarly to the SM 37 and is easily able to fit into the modern interior of an dining room. It differs in its capacity to seat six to fourteen people when fully extended. In the world of extendable designer tables, these beauties are the ones to look out for!


The perfect match for these tables would be the Skovby 52 Dining Chair.



Skovby has been around since 1933 and was founded by cabinetmaker Thorvald Rasmussen. The team is driven to continue their three generations of passion governed by their principles of uniting strong aesthetic expression with innovative function.


Safety & Warranty Information

A full 5-year limited warranty on extension mechanisms, patented extension systems and fittings.


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SM 37
L176/ 276 cm X W100 cm X H74 cm
Available in Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Wenge in various finishes


SM 39
L200/300 cm X W100 cm X H74 cm
Available in Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Wenge in various finishes



This piece of luxury furniture was designed by the Skovby Design Team.



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