T8 Dining Table

Excellence in Scandinavian Design

Highly communicative table; Seats 5-6 people despite its small dimension


The T8 dining table is one of the finest collections of Andersen designed by Andrea Weitz & Jens Wendland. The sleek table top paired with finely moulded chairs extends a warm welcome to be used in various events.The versatility of the table enhances the exchange of meaningful conversations as it breaks the ice between people with its structure. This table engages up to 5-6 seaters even though it has a small dimension. This designer furniture encompasses a bold character of its own as it illuminates its surroundings with a positive aura. The T8 is relatively a new table and has a unique style of its own.


Just like peanut butter and jelly, the TAC Dining Chair by Andersen Furniture would complement the T8 dining table really well.


Andersen Furniture

Andersen was founded in 1916. This designer furniture company produces furniture from the heart that is of everlasting quality. This furniture company places emphasis on design and strongly believes in its passion and craftsmanship.


Safety & Warranty Information

A good 2 year warranty is offered for all of Andersen’s designer furniture.


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L120 x W104 cm
L150 x W127 cm
L173 x W150 cm


Tabletop – laminate – available in Alpino
Tabletop – fenix laminate – available in Fenix Black
Base – Solid Wood. – available in Oak white pig. matt lacquer, Oak matt lacquer



This exquisite furniture was designed by German architects and designers Andrea Weitz & Jens Wendland of multidisciplinary design studio Raumkontor.