Graceful Dining Table

Furniture Craftsmanship with Functionality & Powerful Ideas

Minimalistic and sustainable design; Durable materials

Living up to its name, the Graceful Dining table is both functional as well as minimalist. The concept of “less is more” is brought about by Michael H. Nielson in this piece of furniture, bringing about a simple and clean look. It’s unbroken surface also emphasizes a sleek look and its slopping legs positioned on the outside guarantees the table’s stability and strength. The Graceful Dining Table is produced in a green factory, where materials are being recycled or reused. To add on, FSC-certified oak promises the durability of this piece of furniture.


The dining table can be extended with purchase of additional solid oak extension leaves.


Pair this exquisite dining table with a #52 Dining Chair to complete your minimalist dining room!



Bolia is immensely picky with the materials they use for their designer furniture. They place a great emphasis on only using sustainable practices to produce their designer furniture.


Safety & Warranty Information

Bolia’s confidence in the quality of their designs allows them to offer their customers a 5 year warranty on their lounge chairs. The warranty covers manufacturing defects.


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L 200 cm x W 95cm x H 74cm

L 180  cm x W 95cm x H 74cm

L 160  cm x W 95cm x H 74cm
L 130 cm x W 130cm x H 74cm


Surface: White Oiled Oak/ Oiled Oak

Legs: Solid Oiled Oak




Michael H.Nielsen stands out from the crowd by paying attention to intricate details of his designs. He aims to accommodate to a wide variety of needs.



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