Jewel Table

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Timeless; Minimalistic Design 


Danish architect Søren Juul, had experience with both architecture and design. He designed the stunning and timeless Jewel Table in 2013. He first met dk3 founder Jacob Plejdrup in the summer of 2012 at a Danish fair. Søren then introduced some sketches of a table he made previously, at a glance it was clear to Jacob Plejdrup that it was a project that he wanted to bring to life.


As seen from Søren Juul’s private home and his works, his favourite form was the cube. It is evident in the Jewel Table as it has a cubic base made of one entire plain steel frame. How the Jewel Table got its names was when Jacob Plejdrup tried to pronounce Søren Juul’s last name in English. The table is truly a jewel with its cubic-formed steel frame and the soft, sloping edge of the tabletop. However, Søren Juul did not live to see the launch of his brilliant design.


The table comes in both a square and round version which can be extended by a 50 cm extension leaf. In 2013, the table launched with a solid tabletop in various wood types but in 2018 the Jewel Table launched a stunning matt Black Marquina marble with a round tabletop and black powder coated steel frame. Its simple and minimalist design allows it to go well with a variety of dining chairs, one would be the Wishbone Dining Chair by Carl Hansen & Søn.



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Don’t think that the Less is More Extendable Dining Table is what you’re looking for? Don’t worry – there are a variety of designs just for you in our range of dining tables.

Dimensions Square Version:

L140/160 cm
W140/160 cm
H73 cm
Tabletop 3 cm
Extension leaf 50 cm


Dimensions Round Version:

Ø 140 – 160 cm
H 73 cm
Tabletop 3 cm
Extension leaf 50 cm


Available in :

Oak, Wild oak, Black lacquered oak, Smoked Oak, Walnut

White Carara Marble or Black Marquina marble (only available in the round version)



Søren Juul (1943-2013), the designer behind the Jewel Table. He believed that designs should be simple, functional and honest, with the highest quality. Søren Juul had a preference for cubic forms, so evidently the base of the new table had to be a cube. Jacob Plejdrup, founder of dk3 was convinced that he had potential and in 2013 the Jewel Table was brought to life.